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How To Order A Custom Diffusor.


How To Order A Custom Diffusor.


Hello fellow racers. 
Today we will talk about how to measure for a custom diffusor. 


Step 1 is really easy. Put the car up on Jackstands. Look under your car and take note of things that hang really low. You will want to measure how far these things are from the floor. and measure how far they are apart. When complete, it will look like the picture above. This tells us how to build the diffusor so it fits.


Step 2 is also easy. Tell us how wide you want the diffusor. This will normally be limited by lower control arms. Remember, the wider the better, so you’ll want to maximize that width while maintaining clearance around moving parts.

Step 3 is the easiest part. Send us all those measurements and receive a proof. Use a tape measure to verify that the diffusor will fit. At this point there’s still time for alterations. We want it to be perfect, so be sure to inform us of any changes you’d like to see.

Step 4 is all on us. We will use all our knowhow and experience to build your diffuser to the agreed upon specifications and make sure the diffusor fits and is fully functional.

Finally, once built, we ship it right to you. Then all that’s left on your end is installation and lap records. Be sure to hit us up when you destroy the previous record.

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