Welcome to the Nine Lives Racing Dealer portal. 

This document/information is sent to all new and aspiring NLR dealers. We try to make the process as easy as possible for all dealers.  

Dealers' advantages over Nine Lives Racing.
9livesracing.com also sells wings direct to the consumer. That will make you think “hmm I'm competing with my supplier.” To avoid this dilemma we put ourselves at a handicap to ensure dealers will always have the upper hand. 

  • 9livesracing.com will always charge shipping. 
  • At no point will NLR price match a dealer’s price. 
  • We will keep no inventory of boxed wing kits.
    • Stocking dealers will always ship faster.  
  • We refer customers to stocking dealers. 

What's needed to activate

Before we go too far we will need some paperwork. 

  • Create a Login at 9livesracing.com 
    • This is how we make your account tax-exempt. 
    • And apply your discount

  • Tax-exempt paperwork
    • State and federal resale id numbers. 
    • This will need to be a scan or photo please email this to us at info@9livesracing.com

  • A picture of your storefront.
    • Please send us a link, attachments in emails are fun but it makes everything easier if we can hotlink the photo into our “dealers” page.
    • Simply right-click > copy image address > paste that into an email. 
  • Initiate a “buy-in” this can be done one of two ways. 
    • Buy one wing at the retail price 5% discount using code ‘dealer5’
    • Buy a “stock order” at your normal discount (see stocking orders p2) 

After the account is active

    • 25/35 program
      • 25% off for drop ship orders 
      • 35% off for stocking orders. 
    • Your address, phone, emails, and picture is added to ( https://9livesracing.com/find-a-dealer )
    • How to place drop ship orders   
      • You will be provided with a login, submit orders directly to 9livesracing.com
    • Stocking orders 
      • Stocking order is any order over 5 wings sent to one location. 
      •  To receive your stocking order discount. Orders must be sent via PO to info@9livesracing.com
  • Free freight 
      • Any order larger than 14 wings is considered “freight” and NLR will pay freight charges anywhere within the continental United States. 
      • International shipping does not qualify for Free fright. 

    Advertising policies. 

    • Map, and sales. 
      • “MAP Pricing” is the price listed on 9livesracing.com
      • Pricing can change at any time without warning. 
      • Advertising below MAP is considered a “sale”.
      • Sales on anyone item cannot and must not exceed 60 days in a calendar year. 

        • Any item listed at or less than 11% below the map without the written consent of NLR will be in violation.
        • Any Items marketed at 10% or higher longer than 60 days without the written consent of NLR will be in violation.


    • MAP violations 
      • If pricing is found to be below jobber the dealer responsible will warned of the violation via email. 
      • If pricing is found to be below MAP longer than 60 days the dealer responsible will warned of the violation via email. 
      • Warnings will have 3 day period (72 hours) from the time the email was sent to correct pricing.
      • If pricing isn’t correct by the allowed time frame Dealer will receive a second warning via email.  
      •  If 3 warnings are acquired by one Dealer in a 365 day period the Dealer’s discount will be deactivated. 

    Reactivating a deactivated account 

    An account will only be reactivated after the following parameters are met. 

    1. 6-month deactivation penalty is served.
    2. A 500-word letter of apology, directed to other dealers but sent to info@9livesracing.com
      1. This letter will be sent to all other dealers.     

    Placing your orders 

    • Dropship -
      • Once activated your log-in account will have access to your pricing.  

    • Stocking order
      • Send a PO to info@9livesracing.com
      • All items must ship to the same location 
      • Your discount will be applied and the items will ship 

    We ask that all dealers refrain from listing products on Ebay. Please list on Amazon.