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    Home of the Big Wang

    Try it, and you'll love it

    If you don't love the performance of the 'Big Wang' send it back! We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 

    *not available on builder wings.  

    Best in class Downforce

    Open air CFD complete. Max 15:1 Downforce to drag ratio. No other wing on the market comes close.  

    Airfoils built by winners

    Our Wang's shape is crafted by people that have won 24hr of Le Mans and the Indy 500. Top level quality you will feel.    

    Half the price, all the performance.

    Aluminum extrusions can be light weight if made correctly. Many aren't, but our wings only weigh 0.2 lbs per inch. Tested carbon wings weighed .14 lbs per inch. 

    Made in the USA

    We proudly manufacture every part in the USA. Why? easy, we capture defects faster, quality is higher and we can stop problems quickly.     

    Custom sizes available!

    The aerodynamics cord is set at 9.5", but we can make the wings as wide as 71" 


    "Top speed went from 97 to 99mph"

    Well the wing sure does work ... Top speed went from 97mph to 99mph. and a higher average speed throughout the track. (New pb [Wang] 1:27.814 vs old pb [apr200} 1:28.450) [Streets of Willow] ... Conditions were worse this past weekend but still got a faster time. Car feels ...stable during high speed esses. - Erik Brenner (Miata Wang) 

    "Lighter than I was expecting"

     Got mine today. Quality is great and the price is unbeatable. Lighter than I was expecting. Thanks!  - Jeramiah Cornell (Builder wang)  

    " I am truly impressed with the quality."

     The packaging got pretty beat up but the wang held up great. I will definitely try to put it to the test in the future. - Jonah Taylor, Miata 

    "destroying it's thousand + dollar competition"

     The NLR wang is destroying it's thousand + dollar competition for a fraction of the price! Couldn't be happier. - Zach Reavis (Miata Wang)

    "I am pretty sold on it"

     thanks to Quincy Burk for the wing and testing, hopefully tomorrow we can do some playing around with it. I am pretty sold on it. -Neil Kohler (350z wang)

    "Love my wang"

     The #9LR wang helped me put down some awesome times last weekend. Love my wang! -Stu Clot (Miata Wang)

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    About Us

    Nine Lives Racing

    Established in 2007 as a racing team, we are working on effective winning items for every racer. 

    GTFO if it doesn't work.

    We have our targets set on winning. We will work with you to get it right. Call us today!  

    Silly Names

    We call our wings the 'Big Wang' because life should be fun, just like winning. 


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    Go Big or Go Home.

      Before we sold our first wing, we wanted to make sure that the 'Big Wang' could substantially beat the industry standard carbon wings. We promised to shut down our wing program entirely if it failed to produce a higher top speed and more downforce, at a fraction of the price. During it's first test at Road Atlanta, the 'Big Wang' was set to 2 degrees of angle of attack. The results? We increased top speed to 159 mph (vs 157 mph with the 3d carbon wing), and made so much downforce the car understeered heavily, something that the 3d carbon wing can't do at a 15 degree angle of attack.  After setting our personal best lap time at Road Atlanta (1:32.85), we called the test a success. The 'Big Wang' was a winner! 

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    We love our customers, so feel free to call or email us your questions. 

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