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Well the wing sure does work ... Top speed went from 97mph to 99mph. and a higher average speed throughout the track. (New pb [Wang] 1:27.814 vs old pb [apr200} 1:28.450) [Streets of Willow] ... Conditions were worse this past weekend but still got a faster time. Car feels ...stable during high speed esses. 

Erik Brenner (Miata Wáng) 

Awesome airfoil, budget friendly and with best costumer service! Able to cater to my need for a custom chassis mount. Sent my rough drawing with dimensions and Johnny has able to do his magic! Proud to be part of the #wanggang

Mico Lector

Thanks to Quincy Burk for the wing and testing, hopefully tomorrow we can do some playing around with it. I am pretty sold on it.

Neil Kohler (350z Wáng)

Got mine today. Quality is great and the price is unbeatable. Lighter than I was expecting. Thanks!

Jeramiah Cornell (Builder Wáng)

  • History

    Airfoils built for le Mans

    Our airfoil was originally conceived By Elan Technologies (aka Panoz/Deltawing) for the Panoz Q9 GTR1 a car that won Le Mans on it's first attempt. It was helped by it’s high 15:1 lift to drag ratio. The airfoil shape went on to the DP01 project used as a imsa light. on to it's 3rd project. It was then shrunk and aluminized for the NP01. Shocked by the performance we took the airfoil and started adapting it to club racing cars. To date it’s won NASA national championships in Honda challenge and went on to be the winningest wing in Gridlife GLTC competition.