• Street Wang Installation

    Taylor Royal takes on installing a Street Wang.  1999-2005 NB Miata Street Wang V2 Install  (May apply to the 1989-1997 Na chassis, but cannot ver...
  • Corvette Sturdy Boii splitter mount Install

    We quickly tossed together an Install how-to for the corvette sturdy boiis. Will make a better one later. we super promise..... unless everyone is happy with this, then we won't
  • "How to" trim your bumper to get perfect cut lines.. every time.

    We made a quick video of how to get perfect cut lines on your bumper. Warning high energy intro. :)
  • Sturdy Boii install

    Installation of this kit: NA/NB Miata Rocket Nose splitter and Sturdy Bois Richard Moussa was kind enough to make us a quick video of his install o...
  • 1989-1997 NA Miata “Big Wang” Install

     Installation of this kit: NA/NB Big Wáng kit Chris Wells did us all a favor and wrote a very comprehensive install PDF. We can't thank him enough....
  • Focus RS Install

    Installation of this kit: Focus / Focus RS Big Wáng kitJohn swang by with his focus RS and did-up (yep that's a word we checked) a nice video with ...

    Installation of this kit: GG Subaru Wagons Big Wáng kit  
  • C5 Corvette install by Matt27 @ corvette forum

    Installation of this kit: C5/C6 Big Wáng kitSome of you may have seen that Nine Lives Racing recently released a wing kit for C5/C6's that uses the...