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  • How to make a splitter template.

    6 easy steps to building you a custom splitter.  You'll want some tools. Something heavy, lots of people use bricks, wood 2x4's anything really...
  • NC Miata Sturdy Boii Installation

    Karl Hertel was kind enough to take on installing these Sturdy Boiis and sending over an install guide to us!   Tools required  10MM socket  11MM s...
  • NC Miata Chassis Mount Wing Install Guide

    Karl Hertel takes on installing a NC Chassis Mount Wing Tools required 10MM socket 11MM socket 13MM socket and/or wrench 13MM wrench Drill with 1/8...
  • Current Lead Time

    Due to the massive influx of Wangsgiving Weekend orders, we cannot offer an accurate lead time at the moment. We are working at max capacity to en...
  • Can you explain the different finish options?

    A quick description of the finishes we offer on Big Wangs.
  • How To Order A Custom Diffusor.

    Hello fellow racers. Today we will talk about how to measure for a custom diffusor.    Step 1 is really easy. Put the car up on Jackstands. Look u...
  • Wang Gang Spotlight: DJ fends off 50 of his closest friends to win GLTC race

    Wang Ganger tops the GLTC podium at Mid Ohio
  • Downforce Kits Explained: Miata Medium Downforce Kit

    Downforce Kits! - Miata Medium Downforce Kit    Downforce packages start off with an unmodified car. We give it to Morlind Engineering to work the...
  • ⭐️ Lap Record ⭐️ - Australian Racer sets a new lap record.

    "Buying a Wang from almost 9,000 miles away pays off."
  • Street Wang Installation

    Taylor Royal takes on installing a Street Wang.  1999-2005 NB Miata Street Wang V2 Install  (May apply to the 1989-1997 Na chassis, but cannot ver...
  • Corvette Sturdy Boii splitter mount Install

    We quickly tossed together an Install how-to for the corvette sturdy boiis. Will make a better one later. we super promise..... unless everyone is happy with this, then we won't
  • "How to" trim your bumper to get perfect cut lines.. every time.

    We made a quick video of how to get perfect cut lines on your bumper. Warning high energy intro. :)