Lead times are a little bit longer than usual; thanks for bearing with us as we work through the increased demand!


  • Current Lead Time

    Our Black Friday Sale is always the biggest time of the year for orders. This year, we nearly doubled the numbers of products sold vs the same time...
  • Can you explain the different finish options?

    A quick description of the finishes we offer on Big Wangs.
  • How To Order A Custom Diffusor.

    Hello fellow racers. Today we will talk about how to measure for a custom diffusor.    Step 1 is really easy. Put the car up on Jackstands. Look u...
  • Wang Gang Spotlight: DJ fends off 50 of his closest friends to win GLTC race

    Wang Ganger tops the GLTC podium at Mid Ohio
  • Downforce Kits Explained: Miata Medium Downforce Kit

    Downforce Kits! - Miata Medium Downforce Kit    Downforce packages start off with an unmodified car. We give it to Morlind Engineering to work the...
  • ⭐️ Lap Record ⭐️ - Australian Racer sets a new lap record.

    "Buying a Wang from almost 9,000 miles away pays off."
  • Street Wang Installation

    Taylor Royal takes on installing a Street Wang.  1999-2005 NB Miata Street Wang V2 Install  (May apply to the 1989-1997 Na chassis, but cannot ver...
  • Corvette Sturdy Boii splitter mount Install

    We quickly tossed together an Install how-to for the corvette sturdy boiis. Will make a better one later. we super promise..... unless everyone is happy with this, then we won't
  • "How to" trim your bumper to get perfect cut lines.. every time.

    We made a quick video of how to get perfect cut lines on your bumper. Warning high energy intro. :)
  • Sturdy Boii install

    Installation of this kit: NA/NB Miata Rocket Nose splitter and Sturdy Bois Richard Moussa was kind enough to make us a quick video of his install o...
  • 1989-1997 NA Miata “Big Wang” Install

     Installation of this kit: NA/NB Big Wáng kit Chris Wells did us all a favor and wrote a very comprehensive install PDF. We can't thank him enough....
  • Focus RS Install

    Installation of this kit: Focus / Focus RS Big Wáng kitJohn swang by with his focus RS and did-up (yep that's a word we checked) a nice video with ...