• Performance

    You'll feel it or your money back

    We maximize Downforce with a peak Downforce of 700lbs (@150mph) and we minimize Drag, requiring only 2.2hp to go 100mph. If you don't like it send it back for a full refund.
  • Weight

    We got lighter

    Our wings weigh .2lbs/inch. While tested mainstream carbon wings are .18lbs. On a Miata wing that's 1.5lbs difference. Is that 1.5lbs worth twice the cost?
  • History

    Built to win races.

    This airfoil profile was originally conceived By Elan Technologies (aka Panoz/Deltawing) for the Panoz Q9 GTR1, a car that won Le Mans in 1998. The airfoil shape went on to the DP01 project used as a IMSA light cars. It was aluminized for the NP01. Then we got it.
  • Cost

    Win or lose we race for fun

    At your local track we are racing for a good time. Before 9LR came along wings cost quite a lot. With our unique construction we are able to bring the budget down. Now you can afford Hoosiers and aero, not just Hoosiers or aero.
  • We are united.

    Made in the USA



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