• Performance

    Built for balance

    All splitters are sized to balance a car with a big Wang kit and bring grip to your front end. More downforce = more grip. More grip= faster lap times.
  • Prototype material.

    What's Rocket Nose v2?

    Taken from the world of prototypes, our rocket nose material is 300% stronger than plywood and 10% lighter lighter. And because it uses a wooden organic core its not too hard on the wallet.
  • Splitter Ramps

    Gain an advantage

    Ramps are a diffuser set inside your splitter. We precisely measure their location for the best downforce. All splitters that can fit the ramps have them pre cut for perfect performance.
  • Replaceable costs

    Chances are you're going to kill it

    These splitters are a few inches off the ground and they work better the closer you get to the ground. At some point your going to hit the ground. We made these inexpensive so you won't cry when it's time to buy a replacement.
  • Keep the flow

    Rounded edges

    All splitters come with rounded leading edges. This helps keeps the flow attached. Now Ocon won't yell at us.
  • It bolts on


    Sturdy Boii's, named by Trackable Miatas Facebook group, is our splitter mounting system. All mounting components are vehicle specific and are built to give you an easy bolt on solution. Splitter Side Supports are suggested in some applications.

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