Can you explain the different finish options? - Nine Lives Racing


Can you explain the different finish options?


Can you explain the different finish options?


Builder's Wangs:

Builder's wings are made with the expectation that they are being used by builders/fabricators for custom projects. Rather than put any kind of finish on the wing that might add to the prep work necessary to achieve the builder's vision, we send these raw. The wing will arrive to you looking the same as when it  came out of the extruder. This also helps keep the price of the Builder's Wang low.

raw finish wing

Wing Kits:

Wing Kits are intended to be complete products, ready to be installed by anyone with a drill and a wrench. Since they're going straight on the car, we give them the nicest brushed finish we can get. Wings are made out of 6xxx series aluminum, so they shine up nicely. That said, aluminum oxidizes REALLY fast, so it will go dull pretty quick. That aluminum oxide it actually hard than the pure aluminum underneath, so if you don't mind that you can't use the wing as mirror to shave, you can leave it and allow the oxide layer to protect the wing from the elements. If you want to renew the shine, a drum sander with a fine or very fine drum will clean it up in less than five minutes.

I'll be writing about ways to care for your raw or brushed aluminum wing in a later post. Keep an eye out.

brushed finish


brushed finish macro

Powder Coated Wings:

Any Wang or Wang Kit can be upgraded to a powder coated finish. Powder coat is the strongest and most durable finish we offer. It's also the heaviest. It adds a couple pounds of weight. It also adds a dash of bad-assery to offset the weight though. Powder coating the wings is the ONLY process we farm out. The pros that handle it make sure your wing has the strongest, prettiest final product possible. To ensure uniform quality, powder coating is only offered in the anthracite grey you see below. If you're looking for a custom color, you can hit up the WangGang group on Facebook for help finding reputable powder coaters in your local area.

Powder Coat

Powder Coat Macro

"Wang Skins":

The Wang Skin is a DIY kit that has everything you need to vinyl wrap your wing. You can have any color you want, as long as that color's black. It's really easy. The vinyl will take the dings and environmental damage that would otherwise go straight to your wing. It's technically a consumable product, you'll likely have to replace it eventually, but not for a numbers of years. This is the most cost effective way to protect your Wang.

Wang Skin - DIY Vinyl Wrap

Other Ideas:

We see all sorts of creative ideas from customers for protecting and beautifying wings. From custom printed vinyl wraps, to paint, to polished and clear coated aluminum. If you've got another idea, roll with it. If you have the beginnings of an idea that you need help expanding on, hit up the WangGang. It's group exclusive to Nine Lives Customers, dealers, and employees. You'll be hard pressed to find a more creative group of like-minded individuals.


As always: use the hashtag #wanggang to share your build with us and the rest of the world. We love to share badass ride rides running our products, and those of us that build the stuff your run genuinely live to see the fruits of our labor exceeding our wildest expectations in your hands.

By The Plumley

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