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Wángs for every racer!

Shares the same foil shape as our aluminum wing, which 1000’s of racers already love, BUT BIGGER! Growing to a 12" chord¹ (compared to 9.5" on the aluminum version for those who are math averse). With the larger physical size of the wing, the down-force and drag numbers also increase by the same percentage.

As an example, our first test car was initially balanced with a 71" aluminum wing with 3/4" gurney flap at 5° AOA. Swapping to the carbon wing we achieved the same balance at 2° AOA utilizing no gurney flap.

Continuing our moto of “Half the price, ALL THE PERFORMANCE” these wings are made in the same way as a $5,000 Panoz wing but at half the price. We developed a new process in manufacturing that that allows us to reduce cost while keeping manufacturing here in the USA. This allows us to bring Wángers a pre-preg carbon wing for less than an infusion wing. These featherweight wings share the same mounts with our aluminum wings so it can be used with all of our current kits.

What's Included

  • Builders Mega Carbon Wáng built to your size. 


  • Basic Carbon Endplates
    • 12" x 8" with small Nine Lives Racing logo 
  • MEGA Carbon Endplates
    • 12" x 12" with small Nine Lives Racing logo
    • 10% increase in downforce 
    • 7% reduction in drag
  • CFD Carbon Endplates
    • 12" x 10.5" with large Nine Lives Racing logo
    • Design utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • 7% reduction in drag

¹Chord is the depth of the leading edge to the trailing edge of the foil.


Warranty/ Returns/Lead times

Powder coat or vinyl "wang skin" upgrades are strongly recommended. Otherwise, wings are shipped raw, and while aluminum does not corrode the same way ferrous metals do, your wing will get progressively uglier as it is exposed to the elements.

Wangs and Mega Wings are covered by Wang Guarantee.  Splitters, Sturdy Boiis, and air dams, based upon the nature of the use (and proximity to the earth), carry no warranty and are non-refundable. If you bolt these items to the car you own 'em. 

*Open air testing numbers available at

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