Splitter Endplates AKA Spill Boards.

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The corners of your splitter are dead weight. They just tag along as you race around the track, allowing the passing air to do as it pleases. Nine Lives Racing Splitter Endplates act as Drill Sergeants bullying everything into back into line, getting that air working on your side.

These badass little plates are an inexpensive way to supercharge your splitter. They even have a strategically placed relief that minimizes drag. Precision cut from lightweight aluminum and finished in a black powder coat for lifelong service, they'll outlive your splitter and look good doing it.


  • Increases front downforce
  • Relief cut to prevent drag. 
  • Available in any size, for any splitter: even one you made yourself! 
  • Sold in pairs.

Custom sizes are available per request.

Warranty/Returns/Lead times

Powder coat or vinyl "wáng skin" upgrades are strongly recommended. Otherwise, wings are shipped raw, and while aluminum does not corrode the same way ferrous metals do, your wing will get progressively uglier as it is exposed to the elements.

Wángs and Mega Wings are covered by the Wang Guarantee.  Splitters, Sturdy Boiis, and air dams, based upon the nature of the use (and proximity to the earth), carry no warranty and are non-refundable. If you bolt these items to the car you own 'em. 

*Open air testing numbers available at https://9livesracing.com/cfd-testing

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