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You'll gain twice as much speed per buck with working Aero than by adding horsepower.  We can draw you an efficient road map to unleash the speed you already have, keeping with our company principle of making racers faster for less.

What is CFD? 

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a simulation of flow, in this case around a car.  We use a combination of established tools (OpenFOAM/Paraview) and Rob Lindsey’s experienced team to develop gain insight to your unique aero combination.  Our team has worked in IMSA, IRL, ChampCar, and other levels of professional motorsports so you can rest assured that recommendations are backed by both experience and an understanding of how aero impacts the entire car. 


The details. 

  • 2 CFD runs of a 3d model
    • Every run after initial purchase is $250 
  • One on One consultation with our in house aerodynamics expert  (see below for qualifications)  
  • Written report that's yours too keep 
  • 100% guaranteed discretion.    

Our In-house experience 

  • Rob Lindsey - In-house Aerodynamic Team Leader. 
    • Former lead engineer at Elan 
    • Has completed CFD work for Deltawing, Riley Technology (Daytona prototypes), and many other IMSA based teams. 


Add on 

  Scan your car. 

We will scan your existing car/part with various 3d scanning equipment. Build you a model that's yours to keep.  

3d model Library. 

We will be collecting vehicle scans and creating a library of popular vehicle chassis, unique parts will be removed. No vehicle will be added to the library without vehicle owner's consent. Owner's will be compensated in monetary or labor provided by Nine Lives Racing.   

Please email us at to see if your requested vehicle is listed in our library. This could mean little to no modeling fee.  

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