Chassis mount Splitter quick release kit

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Universal Splitter mounting system. 

Building your own splitter is a real challenge that we is helping make easier. Introducing the new quick disconnect splitter mounts from @nine lives racing. we teamed up with a worldwide quality latch system, Pac South, to offer a high-end splitter quick disconnect system.  


  • 2 rows of .3" holes great for 6mm bolt mounting (10mm heads) 
  • 4 latch system used as a fail-safe for those #racecarprobelms 
  • made in the USA 
  • disconnects splitters in seconds 
  • Six mounting points for even distribution of weight,
    • great for high downforce plywood splitters. 

What's included 

  • 2 upper pylons, 
  • 2 lower pylons 
  • 4 latches 
  • 8 m6 riv nuts and bolts for timing into your frame. 
  • hardware 



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