Subaru Impreza STI Big Wang kit '00-07 GD
Subaru Impreza STI Big Wang kit '00-07 GD

Subaru Impreza STI Big Wang kit '00-07 GD

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Beat your personal best. 
2001-2007 Subaru Impreza sedan mounts 
 Get that big Wang GT3 performance!  The Big Wang is here! These Airfoils can produce incredible levels of downforce without killing top speed. Exactly what racers are after. Extruded aluminum wings are developed, patented, and built for a prototype project. Nine Lives Racing Takes the raw material and makes them readily available to the public as a working part. Best wing in class. 15.2:1 Lift to drag ratio, nothing else comes close. A built-in gurney flap relief for downforce adjustments in seconds. 
  • Light Aluminum construction. 
  • 0.2lbs per inch   
  • Gurney flap ready 
  • Up to 15.2:1 Lift Drag ratio*
  • low drag = more top speed!
  • American made 
  • Track Tested 
What's included.
  • Wing sized to your waggon 
  • NLR “basic” End plates 10"x8"
  • Wing mounts- welded at 33"
  • Stainless Steel hardware
(Upright)  uprights for a truly Bolt on operation.  
  • Made from 5052 aluminum these uprights are made to bolt in. 
Add on
Upgrade Endplates to MEGA endplates
  • 12x10.75 huge endpltes
  • NASA legal
  • AOA ajustement.
to CFD V2 endplates.
  • Shaped in the world of CFD built for the Big Wang.
  • You’ll find bigger endplates you won’t find better endplates
Technical details. 
All wangs are built to order in the USA. 
Please allow 5-6 weeks for pre orders, 2.5-3 weeks for production wings. Uprights not built by NLR will ship from the manufacturer. If they are not in the box don’t worry, they will arrive soon. Wings are shipped raw. material coating is up to you. Paint, Powder coat, or vinyl wrap is recommended for wings exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.  
* Open air testing numbers available here
All wing kits (builders wings excluded)  wings are eligible for Nine Lives 30 day guarantee.