The Triple Element Kit

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You better have a chassis mount because no trunk on earth will survive under this monster. 

triple elements are a serious amount od downforce they also make a lot of drag. you'll need more than 400hp to get the benefits from a wing like this. autocross (you'll be ok with less power)

V2 story. 
The v1 element worked great, it had one issue it was never meant to be a second element. The profile and the shape were built for dryer vents. When the worldwide shortage thing happened, we couldn't import them anymore. The shipping grew to 150% of the price of the wing. We never really liked importing parts, and we turned to our American extruders. We worked with Morlind Engineering to develop a bespoke shape to complement the big wang. We also made it a bit bigger by 22% just for the little extra kick in the pants. We think you're really going to love what we came up with 


  • Light Aluminum construction.