C5 corvette Car-Nards

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The Car-Nards, lovingly named by the #wanggang, are also called dive plains. We built these canards to be legal for ALL racing organizations, as they sit inside the body. they carry a 1.5:1 lift to drag ratio that's almost unrivaled among dive plains.  

  • Increases front balance by a huge 6%
  • 1.5:1 Lift to drag ratio 
  • Full carbon construction.
  •  hardware included

Built to pair, with C5 corvette High Downforce kits. 


Notes From racers.
Car-nards should be used as a tuning tool. They increase front downforce while robbing a little rear downforce.  They send dirty air downstream so be careful when picking out the right one, you could be hurting rear downforce. 

Warranty/ Returns/Lead times

Powder coat or vinyl "wang skin" upgrades are strongly recommended. Otherwise, wings are shipped raw, and while aluminum does not corrode the same way ferrous metals do, your wing will get progressively uglier as it is exposed to the elements.

Wangs and Mega Wings are covered by Wang Guarantee.  Splitters, Sturdy Boiis, and air dams, based upon the nature of the use (and proximity to the earth), carry no warranty and are non-refundable. If you bolt these items to the car you own 'em. 

* Open air testing numbers available at https://9livesracing.com/cfd-testing

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