MX5 Street Wang 06-2015 NC

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Street Wáng, for those looking for a sophisticated everyday wing kit that works great. Made from American aluminum and powder coated in anthracite, this wing is built to be used every day. This kit is 64% smaller than our standard kits, is non-adjustable AOA, and uses a thinner mount to allow for only a little trunk trimming. Hard Core track racers are encouraged to use our Miata Big wang kit found here.   

The details

  • Endplate mounted  
  • Fixed at maximum AOA for the best performance. 
  • Thinner mounting for little to no trunk trimming. 
  • Endplate mounting for low drag 
  • Dual element ready 
  • Gurney flap ready 

What's included Powder-Coated Wang kit 

  • Powder-Coated Wang kit 
  • 2 endplate Pylons
  • Hardware 

Looking for performance?

This part is included in our Low downforce package. We did the homework so you can focus on racing more info here.