S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09
S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09
S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09
S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09
S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09
S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09
S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09
S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09

S2000 Rocket Nose Splitter ’99-09

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Splitters are here! 
This splitter along with a Wáng can increase your Downforce by over 290%!!! Made from 1/2" birch and then coated with tough and ready  "Rocket Nose Coating" for years of dependable service without hurting the bank.

The process starts with 1/2 materials, CNC cut pockets to make it feather-light. The CNC continues to radius the edges for smooth transitions and cuts a pocket for your Nine Lives Splitter ramps. We then send it off to be coated, the same company that coats the splitters also coats rockets for a major missile defense company.  *USA chant intensifies* We then take the single pieces and box them up.

  • 3" splitter To keep you legal for NASA, SCCA, Gridliffe, and more.
    • (5" available upon request)
  • Sized to match all NLR wangs Aluminum and Carbon. 
  • CNC Cut in America
  • Rocket nozzle coating is UV resilient and weather tight.   
  • Excess material removed for featherweight operation.  
  • Pockets Cut for easy splitter ramp upgrades. 
  • Sturdy Boii splitter mount ready 
  • Downforce bump "bubble" included. 
  • splitters weigh in at 20lbs. 

Add on splitter ramps

These splitter ramps are not ordinary, they are finely crafted by Morland Engineering. The same people that developed aero packages for The Riley Daytona Prototype, The Panoz Esparante, and The DeltaWing  



Note, the black is Downforce. Notice how it grows when we introduce our ramps. 

 These ramps can give an incredible 10% bump in downforce. Front aero is already hard to find and now it's easy. 

  • Made at Nine Lives from Pre-Preg (not that heavy wet lay stuff) carbon fiber 
  • 1/2" standoff for ease of install. 
    • Rocket Nose Splitter, a poly infused birch and a cost-effective splitter that will with-stand the elements. 
    • Tegris, just like a very popular racing series that-only-turns-left uses. Tegris is a woven plastic splitter that makes very little drag when it slides on the ground. It also resembles a carbon fiber look with 1/2 the price.  (Lead times can be in excess of 3 months
    • Carbon, you're mad if you want this. Yes, it's light, but it's expensive as all get out. You really wanna smash this thing?
Warnings and returns. 

 Look, racing is dangerous. This shouldn't be a surprise, and this splitter is going to be chilling 1-3" off the ground so you're probably going to hit stuff. For that, we can't offer a Warranty. It's a sold-as is and you do take on full responsibility. If you bolt it to the car you own it.