Street Wang 82-92 bmw 318 325 E30

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Performance and style in one Miata wang kit. 

Stop that high-speed wiggle on track and show off on the streets because you own a part that's built to work. This Miata wing kit is like no other. We developed the street wang kit for your average driver that doesn't want to run an easily broken splitter. This allows you to tame the track and get into your less-than-flat driveway. Top it off we powder coat the elements for years of lifelong service. The best part the Street wang and the big wang share a bolt pattern.  Meaning upgrading to the 64" wang kit for maximum performance is an easy job.  

The details

  • Semi-chassis mounts, +500lbs holding power. 
  • Wing element is upsized to 48x9.5
  • Maximum efficiency - endplate mounting   
  • CFD calibrated at peak angle of attack. 
  • Minimal trunk trimming. 
  • Dual element ready 
  • Gurney flap ready 

What's included

  • 48" Powder-Coated Wang kit 
  • 2 endplate Pylons
  • all required Hardware 

Looking for performance?

This part is included in our Low downforce package. We did the homework so you can focus on racing more info here.

Instructions found here. 

Warranty/ Returns/Lead times

Powder coat or vinyl "wang skin" upgrades are strongly recommended. Otherwise, wings are shipped raw, and while aluminum does not corrode the same way ferrous metals do, your wing will get progressively uglier as it is exposed to the elements.

Wangs and Mega Wings are covered by Wang Guarantee.  Splitters, Sturdy Boiis, and air dams, based upon the nature of the use (and proximity to the earth), carry no warranty and are non-refundable. If you bolt these items to the car you own 'em. 

* Open air testing numbers available at

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