The Builders' Big Wáng Spec Your Own Size
The Builders' Big Wáng Spec Your Own Size
The Builders' Big Wáng Spec Your Own Size
The Builders' Big Wáng Spec Your Own Size

The Builders' Big Wáng Spec Your Own Size

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If you can dream it!  

  Get that Big Wang GT3 performance with the Builders Wangs. These Airfoils can produce incredible levels of downforce without killing top speed. Exactly what the current batch of racers are after. These Extruded aluminum wings are developed, patented, and built  for Nine Lives Racing. These Lightweight airfoils produce Downforce with an best in class 15.2:1 Lift to drag ratio, making them the best source for downforce in the $200-$1500 price group. Wings are equipped with a built-in gurney flap relief for downforce adjustments in seconds. Compare to other wings on the market, you won't find anything better in this price range.  

  • Raw materials are highly engineered and validated with CFD work*.
  • Light aluminum construction.   
  • Gurney flap ready 
  • up to 15.2:1 Lift Drag ratio*
  • Lightweight 0.2lbs per inch
  • low drag = more top speed!  


What's included. 

  • Builder wing  1x Wing sized to your choice. 

Add on these items.  

  • Wing End plates
    • "Basic" end plate 10"x 8"x.06 aluminum (Pictured).  
    • "Emissive" Fully CFD shaped end plates built by Emissive Engineering for the big Wang.  
  • Wing mounts, 
    •  NLR bottom mounts  Our wing mounts share a bolt pattern with APR(250), Singular, Exomotive and many others. Making wing installation a snap. 
    • Schwan mount, bolt only to Schwan wing mount uprights and are welded to to top of the wing.   
        • Schwan universal Top mounts - Made from 1/4" thick aluminum these universal uprights bolt to Schwan wing mounts for up to 40* of adjustment. Measured from top of the wing at 20" high. these uprights come without paint. . 

      Available Pylons 
      Universal 1776 can be purchased here

      Go nuts and order yourself a custom set of mounts here.

         Wings and uprights are shipped raw and without coating. Paint, Powder coat, or vinyl wrap is recommended for wings exposed to the elements for extended periods of time.  


        Warning Swan neck mounting. 

        First off, eventually all Aluminum will crack/fail.  The time till it cracks is all dependent on how much harmonics is allowed to enter the aluminum. Swan necks are especially are susceptible to high amounts of lateral (side to side) harmonics.  To ensure the wing will outlast your car do mount swan necks rigidly, braces or cables are recommended to prevent lateral movement. 


        * Open air testing numbers available here

        Due to the custom nature of the builders wings they are considered "special order" please allow up to 3 weeks for construction. 

        Builder wings are not eligible for Nine Lives 30 day guarantee.